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UNITED NATURES – a United Nations of all species
Directed by Peter Charles Downey
Release June 1st 2013.

Some of the world’s foremost environmental activists and philosophers gather in this visually beautiful documentary that for the first time in a feature film sheds light upon the new Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth, which has been presented by Bolivia to the other UN for United Nations recognition. Featuring Dr. Vandana Shiva, David Holmgren, Dr. Helen Caldicott, Starhawk, Polly Higgins, Cormac Cullinan, Father Bob Maguire, John Seed and others.

“The outer environment is a reflection of our inner environments” to quote John Seed which encapsulates the spiritual and philosophical self-reflective style of the film, courageously exploring the hypocrite accusation often leveled at environmentalists, and debating humanity’s place within nature and as part of the earth’s ecosystem.

Permaculture is considered Australia’s greatest intellectual export and with David Holmgren the co-originator of permaculture, his partner Su Dennett and their son Oliver all enhancing the homemade grassroots origins of the documentary. And with the positivity of permaculture philosophy the film is sure to resonate with the millions of people around the world today, who without a central leader or organization, share a common united global vision of sustainability, harmony, care for the planet and the evolution of a new indigenous future – not only as earthlings, but universlings!

United Natures Independent Media – Australia

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Until we recognise the Earth and Her ecosystems as a living homeostatic entity and afford Her the same rights we bestow a cat, dog, intangible God or artificial person we call a corporation, we have no hope of balancing the damage over creation we so lawfully inflict upon Her.

Until we have evolved enough to appreciate the rights of the Earth and our role as humans within nature, we will never appreciate the rights of, and every human’s equal place within, the ecosystem of our civilization.

A new wisdom, philosophy, spirituality and world indigenous culture will evolve from unsustainable modernity. Like the reclamation of forest over ancient ruins our humanity will flower into a new realization of what is considered smart, intelligent, advanced and modern.

Peter Charles Downey
Director of United Natures

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