> Non-commercial Public Screening License fee for United Natures is $130 AUD, includes one copy of the DVD to keep
. Allows you to ask for donations or make it free entry. (For community and permaculture groups, schools, small businesses, Not-For-Profit’s, community festivals etc. that do not charge admission)

> Commercial Public Screening License fee is $200 AUD for up to 50 people
(audience capacity)
, $330 for up to 150 people and $400 for over 150 people.
Allows you to charge an admission fee. (For festivals, organisations, businesses,
venues, cinemas etc. that charge admission)

> Box Office (door takings) percentage share or broadcast rightscontact us.

Choose public screening license type

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Or money-order made out to United Natures Independent Media. Post Box 209, Warburton, VIC, Australia, 3799.

Important: Click to read and download the United Natures Public Screening License
The Public Screening License Agreement needs to be downloaded and printed (1 sheet A4 PDF), filled out, signed, scanned and returned via email or post and payment of the appropriate fee received before shipment of screening DVD/file.

DVD, BlueRay, full high definition MP4 file

Posters (re-size down only)
United Natures movie poster (A3 PDF) download
United Natures movie poster (A3 JPG) download
United Natures movie poster blue logo (A3 PDF) download
United Natures movie poster blue logo (A3 JPG) download
United Natures cast poster (PDF) download
United Natures cast poster (JPG) download
United Natures logo (JPG) download

Press Release  United Natures Press Release download (PDF)

Contact email:

The director lives in Victoria, Australia and will consider attending screenings upon request.


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    Sunday June 30th 6pm Mad Mouse Alley, Adelaide, Australia. Hosted by What’s Up Doco and Permaculture South Australia
    FB event: What’s Up Doco FB page:
    Permaculture SA: